Taylor Mazer


This series of drawings are all based in psychology. Why do people see things a certain way? When I work, I am thinking of an anonymous fictional person and wondering how they interpret a certain scene. For example: If all the various actions are taking place in the distance, the drawing is from the perspective of someone who feels detached. My work is from the perspective of others. It is my idea of Urban Empathy.

My drawings are all done in pen and ink on archival drawing paper. I use Micron drawing pens and a quill tip that is dipped in india ink. I start by drawing the image out in pencil. I then go over the pencils in ink. Once the entire image is drawn out in pen; I begin erasing. This erasure is how I get the various value shifts in the ink, thusly creating atmospheric perspective. I then draw over the erased ink and work my way forward from the furthest point in the background. I draw a layer, erase, I draw the next layer, erase, etc.

My goal when I work is to create an augmented reality. I am working towards creating an image that reflects our confined perspective.  We all see the same things; we just interpret them differently. We project our own self onto the world around us.

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