Sudandyo “Lilik” Aprilianto


I relocated to the United States from my home country Indonesia in 2009. I studied at the Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta, Indonesia for five years. My primary subject was Sculpture, but upon completion I focused more on painting and drawing. Yogyakarta, where I lived for eleven years, is located in central Java and known as the capital city of Art in Indonesia. Every night, there is an art exhibition or event. I was active with the art collective Taring Padi, which translates to mean the ‘fang’ of the rice paddy. Focused on creating art for the people, Taring Padi is a collective of approximately twenty artists. Its primary art medium is woodblock prints. The hardest thing for me when relocating to the U.S. was leaving my art family behind.

My art practice is about creating strange and unique characters that are playful and imaginative. I aim to explore freedom of expression without limiting myself to one singular message. My work is sometimes humorous, and sometimes dark. Often, it is both. Although my work is simple in its appearance, it is also very complicated to create. To me, that which is simple is in fact the most complicated. Some of the topics I explore in my paintings include human interaction, power, war, and contemplation.

I usually use more than one material in my paintings. Pencil, acrylic, pen, googly eyes, lace, spray paint… these are a few of the items that I love working with. I enjoy the freedom of incorporating different materials onto paper and canvas.

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