C. Jacqueline Wood

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This Line Has History (2012) explores the duality between the digital and the tangible. Two congruent frames at hand. A light slowly scans. A shadow steadily casts.

The moving image forms ascending horizon lines and impressionistic landscapes. The adjacent frame remains still, while encapsulating the scanned object. We are left in the center. Pushing. Pulling. Contemplating object-hood in the current mediascape. This Line Has History uses light, balance, gradation, and abstraction to examine the role of material in the digital age.

Light, in all its forms, is at the foundation of my practice. Although moving image art involves many theoretical characteristics, I am drawn most to the concept of duration built into the viewing experience. I often use multiple channels, alternative projection surfaces, and site-specificity to underscore the ephemerality of the art encounter. My practice crosses many formal boundaries and media; I utilize film, video, projection, installation, and sculpture. I am drawn to line as both a conceptual element and graphic form, often examined through a re-definition of the standard cinematic projection plane. Thematically, my work draws from theoretical questions concerning gaze, presence, and technology, often converging on the archive as an ideological starting point.

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All materials in the installation included: $3500
(Single-Channel Video, Screen, MacMini, Framed Paper…)
Please contact River Gallery for further information and images of the installation.