Brian Spolans – Second Place


“Leslie Murrell describes my work as an attempt to “populate fictional worlds with small creatures undertaking both the monumental and mundane tasks of civilization.”  For me, these fictional worlds act as a microcosm and translation of my environment.  In this microcosm, I invent relationships between communities, individuals, technologies and environments.  These relationships explore the complications formed as multiple facets of an ecosystem interact with each other.  These act as metaphors for contemporary American society and life in the Internet age.  Biology, cinema, literature, video games, and other forms of media inspire these relationships.”

Brian Spolans is an artist and instructor based out of Southeast Michigan.  He has previously exhibited as a member at 500X Gallery in Dallas, which is Texas’ oldest, artist run, cooperative gallery.  Brian was one of three alumni featured in Recurrence Relation: Three Generations of 500X.  His work has been exhibited at Gallery Aferro in New Jersey, Bridge for Contemporary Arts Gallery in New Orleans, and published in New American Paintings.  Recently his work has been included in the 24th Annual Mcneese National Works on Paper in Lake Charles, Louisiana and at The International Print Center of New York.  Brian is a collaborator at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, where he curated an exhibition featuring art about the end of the world, entitled “Post Apocalypse.”

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